Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to format a SD card for RED One looks transfer

1.) Insert a SD card with a capacity that is one gigabyte or less into the card reader connected to your Macintosh.

2.) Open Disk Utility.

3.) Select the SD card from the Volume List in the left hand column of the Disk Utility window. (red)

4.) Select the Partition tab in the main Disk Utility window.

5.) Set the Volume Scheme section of the Disk Utility window: (blue)

  • Set the Volume Scheme: popup menu to “1 Partition”
  • Select the Options... button under the Volume Scheme and set the radio button to “Master Boot Record” and click the “OK” button.

6.) In the Volume Information section: (green)

- Set the Name text field to “LOOKS”
- Set the Format popup menu to “MS-DOS (FAT)


7.) Double check that the SD card is selected. You are about to format the media selected in the volume list. If you format your boot drive by mistake, it will suck... a lot.

8.) Click the “Apply” button.

9.) Click the “Partition” button when the confirmation dialog box comes up.

10.) Double click the SD card, titled “LOOKS” in the finder.

11.) Create a new folder at the root level (first level) of the “LOOKS” SD card and name it “PROFILES”

Your RED One will now be able to save or mount look files from the SD card.

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